HELP! Blender Autorig Pro Daz Genesis 8 and iclone mocap


Hello, the name above says it all how do I retarget a daz rigged character to an I Clone Character using Blender Auto Rig Pro. I have searched the web, watched tutorials, and looked for the daz genesis 8 remapping bone list but nothing comes up, someone please help.

I will provide the blend file and the Autorig pro mapping preset (I made the preset, not included with ARP).

Note: you must have blender 2.8+ and the auto rig plugin to test this out.

Blend file

Auto rig preset
IClonetoDaz.bmap (3.0 KB)

Bump. Thanks for the help guys and gals.

Will pay $50 to anyone who will provide me with a blender auto rig pro iclone to daz remap preset. I will test it out and if it works perfect its all yours! Please help $50. You can test the preset on the provided file above.