Help -- Blender Can Save!?!

When trying to save a file with Blender, the message: “ERROR: Cannot open file.” is returned. Not being able to save files is a kink in my workflow.

I’m guessing that permissions are somehow involved. I downloaded the binary Blender 2.37a because Debian only has 2.36 in the archives, but both versions cause the same error message.

Any ideas are most appreciated, Bob

sounds like you are trying to save from the file browser. although the recent bugfix to prevent overwriting files is possibly also affecting your saving options.

try to save from the file menu, and make sure the file has a unique name. ( as a default, it should name it untitled.blend ) if that is what you are doing, and it is not working, then i think more information may be necessary. hope this helps.

jim ww

You say you save and the rror is Cannot open file? I say make sure you really save, and you don’t try to open a file instead.
save as… is F2
save is ctrl-w

When working from the bash console this afternoon I discovered a clue. When attempting to backup a file from the command line, my user is denied acces to his own files!

[email protected]:~/animation$ cp yoga-0005-IKed.blend yoga-0005-IKed.blend.bkup
cp: cannot create regular file `yoga-0005-IKed.blend.bkup’: Permission denied
[email protected]:~/animation$ whoami
[email protected]:~/animation$ ls -al yoga-0005-IKed.blend
-r-xr-xr-x 1 tilleyrw tilleyrw 1151144 Jul 5 00:28 yoga-0005-IKed.blend

I don’t have w)rite permission to this file! Checking further revealed more strangeness! (This was after a recent restore of backed-up files from CD.)

dr-xr-xr-x 6 tilleyrw tilleyrw 4096 Jul 7 10:54 animation

Writing the above details has illuminated the writer as to a solution.

Thanks for the inspiration, Bob