Help! Blender can't find python Win7 Enterprise 32/64

As the plead says, after formatting my PC, I installed Win Enterprise, for I lost my Win professional disc. I also installed Python from 2.6-3.2, and installed Blender 2.45b, 2.56, and 2.57. The 2.5 versions, give me an error on start up (when installed):
error starting up…
found bundled python, bla, bla

When running from a folder, only the second warning appears.

I changed the environment variables and created a Pythopath variable, rebooted, and still get the errors.
Is it something to do with Window 7 Enterprise?
Everything ran nicely on Win 7 Pro.

For the blender 2.5 versions you don’t need to install python, it all comes with the blender downlad.
If you get error messages what does it exactly say, screenshot etc.

It does indeed, but now some of my scripts work and others don’t, so I’m a bit stuck. It reads no errors, but nothing happens either!

Thank you for your reply!

Edit :Then again, it might be me, I might have messed up with it somehow…I’ll make sure that’s the case then will report back.