Help! Blender crashes on startup

Hey, I just downloaded blender from and it’s not working! I also downloaded Python 2.5 (I think that’s the newest version - if it’s not, I did download the newest version). Blender opens first with the Python command line, which is blank, then goes to a blank screen. At the point where it should start, I get an error message saying “Blender has encountered a problem and needs to close”. I looked into the technical problem and it said the error was with a file called “appcompat.txt”. I have tried uninstalling blender (this also deleted most of what was in my personal folder b/c I had installed blender in it; luckily I got my stuff back) and python, then reinstalling them - three times. Still nothing. I used to have an older version of blender, and on the python command line it would check to see if I had the right version of python. Is this what should be happening? Why isn’t it?

Download the zipped archive and unzip in the area of your choice and run it from there. Everything should be packaged, and you should have no problems that way. Besides the newest blender is running python 3.2 I believe.