[help] Blender Game engine, Adding Objects

I am having problems with adding objects in the blender game engine.

What I am trying to do is spawn an object and a group with an empty.
This is the setup I have.

When I start the game up and press the keys I have assigned to spawn the objects, nothing happens. Is there anything I am doing wrong?

Make sure the objects you will be adding are on a different layer than the default layer.

You can’t spawn a group directly (I don’t think) - you should use parenting to set up your hierarchy as you need it, and then spawn the parent object. The children will also be spawned.

EDIT: And Redikann’s suggestion’s correct as well. It’s generally good practice to move objects to be spawned to a hidden layer.

You can add a group by instantiating the group at a hidden layer (the same method as any other object to be added). Then add the instance.