Help! Blender is MELTING!

I need help ASAP Blender is freaking melting on me:

Moving the mouse causes this effect slowly occur, when the mouse passes over a specific area/panel the melting effect ceases and that particular part is clear while the mouse is over it. But once the mouse is away the melting occurs again.

I’m using Blender 2.66 I used this exact copy of the program yesterday with no problems at all.

I hope this is fixable.


Wow. What type of video card do you have? Weird stuff like this usually means your vid card is going bad, but it could be something simple, like you need to update your drivers.

I just checked if it was 1 April today.

Could be some part of your GPU breaking, could be a virus, could be a driver issue. There’s really no way of knowing from our end.

I have a brand new HD 7850, it plays everything perfectly except Blender all of a sudden. Plus I’m using the latest drivers for my GPU, the same drivers that ran Blender perfectly just the day before this.

I guess I should ask somewhere else too, someone has to know what this is.

Just because a card is brand new doesn’t mean that it can’t be a dud. A few years back a had a brand new 7950GX2 that worked perfectly with every application but had two lines of pink pixels across the top of my screen. One day I woke up to a small fire inside of my computer case (coincidentally the same reason I don’t buy ASUS products anymore).

The point is, this isn’t a software defect. What you’re looking at is either a problem with the firmware or the hardware. If you wear out all of the firmware possibilities I’d suggest that you RMA it at your place of purchase while you still can.

Do a process of eliminantion if you can, but I agree with the others that it is likely a bad gpu.
Try a different monitor, try the onboard video if your MB has it.

lol, best title ever, it reminded me that chapter from the simpsons where they drugged the water and Marges says the kitchen is melting xD

I would say is some kind of problem with the graphic card, its seems like typical artifacts to me. I had some problems in the past more or less like this, but not just with one program but in general so i dont know…

try the tipical stuff, reinstall driver, blender, etc… and maybe pass some stress test to that GPU and see if you get any artifact like that, and if so, you should change your gpu when you still have it in waranty… You should also monitor your gpu temperature just in case…

Thanks for all the advice. It turned out to be some video setting. I set the system settings in CCC to the defaults and it works fine now :slight_smile: