Help blender not working

a few days ago I was reading the forums on and saw that blender was a good program to use, so i downloaded it. it didnt work

I have:

Windows XP sp2
GeForce 6200
AMD Athlon 800 mhz (>.<)
512 ram

full details

I havent been able to use XSI Mod tool, gmax, and now blender =(

Have you installed it correct? Did you get any error messages when you run Blender?


That is a fairly generic error. Could be anything really, but as the software works on other machines, it is probably a hardware problem. This is a link to something similar though not Blender. Perhaps it will help, though I don’t know if the older Athlons support SSE.

One work of warning - Be VERY careful should you choose to upgrade your BIOS and research the subject first. You do it wrong and your computer becomes a nice paperweight.

blender is awesome yea reinstall it blender ok :smiley:

Have you installed drivers for your graphic card? Instal those from nvidia, not those that come with windows.

Edit: now i noticed the nvidia driver in the process list, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also try runing without Antivirus on.

Edit2: try running desktop in 32 bit color.

guess its the SSE thing (i usually run in 32 bit, said blender runs best in 16 bit so i changed it), do you know what has SSE? anything above 1ghz?

Its definatly not SSE.

Here a screen from my other computer Duron 600 (no SSE), 256MB Ram, and integrated SIS graphic card (Pretty slow - I can see the menus in blender beeing drawn :o but this may be a driver issue, also its taking 32MB from ram).

Have you tried a different version? (like an older 2.37 download, or one of the CVS test builds in the forum?