Help! Blender to Godot engine 3.0

Hi! I used the Sprytile add-on for a model, and I made a black outline material, so… my question is… how can I export it and place it on a Godot Engine Proyect? Black Outiline tutorial Block1Screenshot

Two main choices for Blender.

The Better Collada Exporter.

The official Blender .escn exporter (though still a work in progress).

The 2.8 branch of the second one.

I recommend you start by using 2.79 with the Better Collada Exporter, but also take time to experiment with the 2.8 version of the .escn exporter and report any issues you find (as long as you check for duplicates first).

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Thank you! I’m really bad at blender :sweat_smile: , and where can i learn to program in godot?

Start here.

If you need more in-depth guidance…

Good luck :slight_smile:

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