Help!!Blender upgrade advice

I own a mac with OS 10.4 and recently found this prgram on a macaddict CD, I got with the computer. It’s blender 2.34. I tried upgrading to the newest, Belnder 2.42 but it wont even open. secondly how does blender work, upgrade wise? I don’t see a way directley through the program to upgrade it, does it automatically scan for an older version and upgrade it to the newer verison downloaded? Should I download an earlier version before the newest?

Also I am very interested in making 3D model Aircraft with comlete cockpits.Possibely for a game in the future.
Is there a tutorial on importing Aircraft line drawings and blueprints and making Aircraft? and how to do cockpits? as well as game programming?

I think this is an amazing program Thankyou to those thatcreated it

Hi Tim, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

2.42a is the latest official release from

2.34 is a VERYold version, you’re best to delete it and install 2.42a.

You can have multiple versions on your machine, it’s best to keep each version distribution in a separate folder. That said, if you want to experiment with the latest “CVS” (pre 2.43) versions, those versions are sometimes distributed with only the executable and the support files from the current release might need to be copied to that folder for it to function.

There have been a few threads here on Blender occasionally not starting up on various OS’s, you’ll have to do a search, (I’m a Windoze user … so can’t really help with the Mac specific stuff).

For blueprints, you can use the “backgound image” feature (you need to be in an "orthogonal view (front / right / side) … with Orthographic also enabled.

The “Summer of Documentation” (see link in my signture) has the latest tutorials on Modelling / Animation / Materials / Game Engine. There are also links to older tutorials on the main wiki page.