Help, blender won't render properly.

I have just started using blender and am unable to get a decent looking render.

I am trying to render a sphere using an image (png, jpeg, and tiff) as a texture - I also tried rendering it with one of blender’s built in textures (marble). and have spent ages experimenting with different settings to no avail.

The rendered image is the identical to the one in the 3d viewport when the shaded view option is selected. (viewport shading menu) When textured view is selected it just goes white. The rendered image also shows all the edges and verts when in edit mode and it appears no rendering is taking place - the render just reproduced whatever is in the viewport - fuzzy blurred texture with no anti aliasing.

I tried the internal renderer and yafray, which I installed.

I am using a 2 gz PowerMac G5 with OS 10.4.10 and Blender 2.44 (I also tried 2.43)

Are you sure that you are pressing the correct buttons? F12 or the big “Render” button in the Render panel (okay, yes, this does sound stupid but just to make sure…).

Also, it would be good if you could show us one of the results you get using your rendering method, as I’m not entirely sure what you mean.

Duh! Not as silly as me! I was pressing the button in the viewport to the right of the layer visibilty - “render this window”.

Thanks for your help!

Haha, well, that was actually exactly the thing I was thinking…yeah, sometimes one feels really stupid, huh? But don’t worry, everyone has encountered similar, “embarassing” problems already - glad that I could help :wink: