help ,blender wont work

i just installed blender on my xp computer,i get a window that says
‘import site’ failed;use -v for traceback
sys_init: warning-no sitedirs added from site module

i dont see any cursor on the application when i run it ,
i have no video cards,just the intel celeron 1200 mhz ,250 mb of ram
and i installed python on my comp according to instuctions i found on another site

The error that you saw was from blenders python subsystem - it occurs on almost every setup and dosent repersent a problem here.

usually when people have problems with the display of blender it is to do with the OpenGL drivers for there computer, so I uess what you would need to go is do a google search to find better drivers for your machine and then see what that does to it.

note that blender 2.34 is comming out in the first week of august which will be much more graphics adapter friendly.