Help - Blender

I am new here, so please, be patient :wink: .
I have just installed Blender but the help tool doesn’t work (it’s written error for any of the help features that I try to use).
Another thing, how long does it usually take to get familiar with Blender (it I am skilful with other 2D programs) and how should I get started? Which of the online tutorials would you recommend?
Thx, Penelopa :smiley:

I learnt blender in a few months.

Ok, first of all, most of the links in the help menu work by python, so probably you don’t have it installed. Download the right version (it’s 2.4 for Blender 2.40) and install it.

How long does it take to learn Blender? Well, it depends really on the effort you put in it.

About getting started, try following some tutorials, and try downloading the video ones. The, after the tutorials, once you got the basics, try doing something simple. If you hit a point where you don’t know what to do, search for the solution or ask for help, and this way you’ll learn something new.

Good luck with Blender!

I recommend downloading video tutorials I find them the best way to learn something new in blender. First get the tutorials that explain the basics, you can get them here:

more tutorials can be found here:

and even more here:

And of course practice, practice, practice :wink: If you have any questions these forums are the best place to ask, but try searching for the solution for yourself first.

Happy blending!