HELP! Both rendering animated scene AND baking fluid sim are stopping at frame 32.

Hi there, I’ve build a scene that is 200 frames long and has a camera panning the scene. I’ve tried multiple times rendering it out but always quits after frame 32. Likewise I’ve added a fluid sim to the scene and the baking process also continuously quits at frame 32, completely separate from rendering yet stops at the exact same frame!! What’s going on? I’m new to Blender FYI so this is my first experience with both rendering and the fluid simulation. I’m hoping it’s just something quite simple in a setting somewhere that needs changing. Thanks kindly in advance for any help.

what exactly does “quits” mean? does blender crash, does it just stop, weird colors, computer shut off? what blender version are you using? the render engine? whats the specs on your computer? do you have enough hdd space to store all the bake data(a couple GB for big bakes)?

full, non cropped screenshots in PNG would be great, a blend would be even better.