help boy in need

(1)i rellllllllllly want to know how to start my games automaticly without using the p button.
(2)do anyone know how to view your mouse during the game?
(3)after i write a script in the text editor how do i run it in my game???
(4)is it posible to show particles during a game?

(1) In the game menu, theres a button that says “autorun”.
(2) not sure
(3) use a python controller
(4) no

BTW, really is spelled wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

About your second question: Run the following script in the beginnig of your game or just when you want the mouse to be visible:

import Rasterizer
print dir(Rasterizer) #insert this last line only if you want more infos about this module and check the Dos window after it has ran(if you run Windows). This will show the list of the fonctions available for this module. This way you can get infos about any Python module!

To run this script only once at the beginning of your game, add at an object(an empty for exemple) an AlwaysSensor(make sure all option buttons are unchecked) linked to a PythonController(don’t forget to the name of the script in the dedicated field).
Hope this helps.

This is the really annoying way to ask for help. Next time, try like this:
Subject: I need some help
I need some help on a few things,

  1. How can I start my game automatically, without pressing P?
  2. Does anyone know how to see the mouse cursor during the game?
  3. After i write a script in the text editor how do i run it in my game?
  4. Is it possible to use particles in a game?

This is just a suggestion.