Help Building Blender 2.63 Windows VC

Could someone make a Tut on how to compile
for Windows64 with VC + Scons or CMake?(openMP)

I totally give up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can get it to compile with VC + CMake everything looks good…(all the files are there)
but except for the ,exe files? like blender.exe and blenderplayer.exe

any idea why? :confused:

trying with Scons it errors out all the time with weird linking errors 1120 or something.
tried it several times and same thing… tried disabling different things still get the same error…
not sure what it is…

I think i may have found the solution…
i think it was a hosed up installed of python and scons…(something in that mix not jivin’ right)

Seems like someone would come out with an a “PysCon” installer that installs both for you…
especially a 64bit variant since the scons file seems always have a problem seeing the x64 in the registry.

Another cool one would be “PySCoNum”(Python + Scons + Numpy)
3.2 x64 and 2.7 x64(have if register the things correctly etc.)

i spoke to soon… it crached at a later part in the compile… :frowning:

C:\BlenderSVN\build\win64-vc\extern\libmv hird_party\ceres\internal\ceres\schur_ordering.obj Error 2

anyone know what that is?