[Help] Bullet Display by FPS Game


I want to make a bullet Display like in CS:S or in COD but I dont know how i can i make this. What i have is just this here

fps game.blend (946 KB)

Ok, here’s the deal.
There are two methods of making bullets in Blender.
The first is to use a physical object.
The problem with physical objects is that they are physics based, and so use framerate.
Second they have no preference to what they hit.
This leads onto the second method.
You’re best off using non-physical methods of shooting.
This involves a simple system of ray sensor, python script and mouse click.
First, i hate to say this but learn a little python.
The amount of time,resources that you will save (and coolness you could add!) will make up for the time spent.
Check out SolarLune’s python tutorials on GameUp and my soon to come beginners python.

You dont understand me. I mean the display when i shoot a bullet. Then it goes from 2 to 1.

And i want ato make this in my game. I have a attachment at the top

I know, but i was referring to the system in general. you mean ammo counter.

yes so can somebody help me