Help! Bump map not working. Confused

I tried to apply bump map by unchecking diffuse color influence and checking normal geometry but when rendered, there is no bump map showing. However when I checked diffuse color and unchecked normal, the image for bump mapping is properly projected.
I have also tried bump mapping in a new file using just plane and clouds and it worked.

What have I done wrong? Anyone knows what’s the problem?

I have enclosed my blend file at the link below


ps. Thank you Richard for reminding

If you’re asking questions about any kind of texturing it’s usually best to pack your textures in your blend file unlike your file which includes no image textures. File / External Data menu

Thanks Richard. I have updated the file.

Add some lights while in GLSL mode…

There are lights in the first layer.
The bump still wont show up even after rendering. Any solutions?

This is what i see/render with camera as is, only point light added. I assume it is bump?

And this is render with your lights only

This is what I see from my render. Look nothing like yours. What have I done wrong? Hmmm…

There’s probably nothing completely wrong with that bar. Just some material tweaking, lights and texture strategy. Currently you have 1024x1024 bump texture which is used at 10% at maximum, most likely even less. Because of object’s form of course. A big waste of precious resource. Since that bump pattern is repetitive (one exception would be on the end, but let’s forget it for a moment) you could make just one segment of it at, say, 256x256 and set it to repeat 20 or more times on texture tab. That 256x256 would be covered by 50% as a minimum giving a lot more nicer texture.
For the material, if that’s a brass, it should be reflective and have to have something to reflect - World’s texture e.g. AO could be set Add or Multiply. I prefer Multiply because that gives more shadows, whereas Add seem to give more light which you could add anyway, if needed.

Another way would be make and texture just one segment of that bar and use Array modifier to extend it. Here is a bit of example of the last one. And if you really need that end dot, make two arrays :slight_smile:
Hope helps.