Help buying a android or ipad

Is that not like saying “how to buy a windows”?
I just got a little pad from New egg ( not for me I think my computer is to small but can not find a bigger case). So I went back to Newegg (online store) and looked at some more pads and the description did not specify if the battery is replaceable. The one I got did not say built in. I do not believe batteries are that good yet and want a replaceable battery. I’m a little sad because I got such a discount on it 210 for 120 USD Thats about all I can afford. I can go to 200. Android, I pad, Blue berry, we do not know the deference. Make is not important.
They do have replaceable batteries?

vitalASC Sonic-ST0720-16G 7"

Very much doubt it. Any tablet with a replaceable battery (with a pop off back like some phones) will be few and far between, especially any decent model. You may find some with screws to remove the back and a void warranty if you try. To be honest it’s not something I worry about though a cheap tablet indicates a cheap build quality which indicates cheap battery which indicates lower lifetime. If it lasts a couple of years you’ll have your worth out of it

I don’t understand. You think decent would be one with a replaceable battery. I always like a back up for long trips. Wow I had no idea. I thought the good ones where 200 or 300. i5 processors? Is that the same i5 processor some people put water coolers on? It really brings down the value to me not having a replaceable battery.

iOS or Android tablets don’t use i processors.

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The Android Market allows you to download applications, games and tools for free and for a fee to enhance the functionality of your Android-powered phone.

I get why you’d want a replaceable battery. But I think that in some places can just turn in your device and let them replace the battery for you. Dunno if they’ll charge a fee for it though.

Another option is the rediculously popular “renting” you have these days. You pay a small amount of money every month, and after 2 years you’'ll have payed off your device for only double the amount. Nope don’t see the problem there /sarcasm.

But seriously, look into devices that let others change the battery for you. I think that’s the best you can get when you want a decent device.

My Ipad has a really long battery life. I am quite impressed with how long it can keep going, and it is a couple years old.