Help - Camera animation with keyframes and path

Hi folks,

I’m working on an animation in which I have a fixed environment and I want the camera to do all of the moving. I used keyframes for the first 330 frames of the animation, and now I want the camera to start following a path. I am using the Wiki page explaining paths…

I am having some problems. The behavior that I want is for the path to have absolutely no effect on the camera until frame 331. That means letting my keyframes define the camera’s position and rotation for the first 330 frames, and letting the path define the camera’s motion from frame 331 onward. When I made the path, I set its TimeOffset value to 331. Then when I gave the camera a FollowPath constraint, the camera’s position for the entire animation changed such that its new origin was the start point of the path. I thought that setting TimeOffset was supposed to handle things like this. Am I using it wrong? How do I set this thing up so that the path has no influence on the camera whatsoever until frame 331?


To anyone having this problem and who is interested, I solved the problem. After doing a little more digging in the forums, I found that you can set the “Influence” slider in the “Constraints” panel to 0.0 and use the “Key” button to set a keyframe on the influence value for frames 0 through 330. Then I set Influence to 1.0 for frame 331 and set a keyframe.

The problem remained, however, that I wanted the camera to be on the path, rather than displaced from it. On frame 331, I had to reset the camera location & origin (Alt-G, Alt-O). Setting “CurveFollow” messed up the camera’s rotation, but I managed to reset it manually using the keyframe view (hotkey: K) to eyeball the camera’s orientation to the previous frame. Works beautifully now.

If I can save somebody the irritation of having to figure this all out themselves, I’ll consider this exercise a success.

an alternative solution would be to render from 330 from 1 camera and 331+ from another. Just a thought.

Thanks for the info. I have not tried to mix path animation and keyframes on the same object. It is good to know that it can be done.

you can also use a script - trajectory

before I moved the camera like you did but i friend showed me this option in blender and i prefer it because i have better control over the camera :yes: