HELP---Camera Locked to Cursor

Somehow, I got the camera locked to the cursor. I try to pan and tilt. But the camera wants to rotate around the cursor, instead of around its own axis. I have spent hours reading different threads, and searching the net. Nothing I find, works. What did I do, and how do I undo it? And NO, “Lock to Cursor” is NOT checked.


How about the Pivot Point setting? Is that set to cursor? If so, other objects would also rotate around the cursor.

You might also be able to work around the issue by just creating a new Camera object. Hopefully this would clear any relevant object-specific settings.


I think there are a couple of things you could try:

  1. If not only the camera is locked in this rotation around the cursor (meaning other objects are doing
    this as well), check the panel under the viewport:

    See the red circled area? Change that to ‘Median Point’

  2. You could try clearing the rotation of the camera ‘alt-r’ see if that helps.

  3. You could just make another camera instead if that works.

Thanks. it was the viewport setting that had somehow been changed. I kept looking for pivot points, origin settings, and parent-child links.

By the way, how can I mark this as “SOLVED”. I saw a thread that said to change the prefix. But I can’t find that option, even in “advanced”.