Help! Camera looks broken

Hello! I need help, when I start Blender, both the camera and the light look weird, like they are broken. This happens since versions 2.82, 2.83, 2.90 and 2.91. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the problem remains. It is really difficult to work like this, since when I move the camera or the light (or some empty object) the point of origin moves, but the object or shape of any of them remains in the center.

If someone could give me a hand with that, I will be very grateful!

You could reset to factory settings.

Top left
File > Default > Load Factory Settings


I tried, but it didn’t work …

Can you be more descriptive of what “it didn’t work” means? E.g., nothing happened, Blender crashed, you received an error message, etc.

Let me explain, I restored the factory values but the problem persists, the display of the camera and the light objects look as if they were disassembled or broken, they look bad from the beginning. it happens from version 2.82 onwards. The strange thing is that version 2.81 looks correctly.

I attach a screenshot of version 2.81 to compare with the previous image (versions 2.82 - 2.91)

Thanks for clarifying! Oh, and I forgot - welcome to the community! Knowing that it works correctly in 2.81 is an interesting piece of information. Can you share other things like operating system, graphics card, graphics driver version, how you run Blender (from installer or portable .Zip)?

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Ok, thanks for the welcome! I have Windows 10 installed on my pc. I’ve always been working with a Radeon R9 290 graphics card and never had problems of any kind. A few months ago the card stopped working, so the pc was in disuse for a few months. A few days ago I decided to use the pc again with the integrated graphics. I have an Intel Core i5-6400 2170 Ghz, Intel® 100 Series/C230 processor. Driver version

I always use Blender from the installer, never portable.

Can you try to download and run Blender from the portable .Zip (one of the versions you are having problems with) and let us know if the issue persists?

Well, I ran Blender from the portable version and the problem remains. I tried installing Blender 2.90 on another computer, with the same installer that I had used on my pc, on that computer it worked perfect.

Strangely, when I opened the official Blender site to download the portable version, it showed something like a broken green screen. It has also happened to me with some YouTube videos. I leave a screenshot so that it is better understood.

Looks like your integrated graphics are causing the issue. Are the drivers for it fully up to date? Buying a new dedicated GPU card might be the way to go. Avoid AMD if you want to save yourself future issues and go for an Nvidia card.


Indeed, it appeared to be a driver error. I updated the drivers of my integrated graphics card and now everything works correctly.

Thank you all for helping me solve this problem!

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