help! can't get material to apply

Hi, any help would be great

I have used texture paint and pshop to create my texture that’s mapped to a uv map. In texture paint mode it looks awesome. Now I want to animate but I can’t get the texture and material to “stick” on my object when I exit into Object or Edit Modes.

I loaded my image into the textures panel and have it set to map coordiantes UV, I have my map selected as well.

I made a new material, my uv map with painting on it shows up on the preview sphere.

All of my object’s faces are selected.

When I hit apply, nothing happens, I don’t see it map.

Any insights are welcome!
Happa Girl

You need to set the 3d view to Textured (on the 3d view header) and in the Properties panel (N) under Display, set the shading to GLSL. You should see the applied textures in the 3d view

geez, thanks, that was easy. So glad I asked. Thanks for yourhelp