Help! can't get surface deform modifier to render

Hi there,
I just recently made a pair of pants and shoes in blender 2.91 stable and I have a surface deform modifier on one of the flaps and on the shoe laces to move them along with the rig. The surface deform modifier works just fine in the viewport but the objects snap back to its original possition when rendered in cycles.
Here are some images.

The shoe laces do the same thing. Here is the modifiers for the laces.

I’m not sure what is making this happen, and a second pair of eyes would be great.
Thank you.

Are the doubled up surface deforms for different levels of subdivision? Naming is weird in that case.

But in case, double check your render vs preview settings of subdivision on the target objects. Default subdiv is 1 preview, 2 render, and then the surface deform binds to a target with the preview levels and breaks on the render levels.

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Yes the doubled up surface deforms are for different subdivisions.
That is interesting, I will take a look into that. That is a big possibility. Thank you.

Thank you that did it. Never thought that would be the problem. I knew to do it with the simplify but not with the subdivision.