help cant rotate objects in object mode!!??

the titles says everything

what could be the reason?
i can rotate objects in other .blend-files
i think it happened when i appended several objects
but is that really the source of the problem?
why does that happen?

any advice?

This is just a guess, but you can’t move or rotate objects that are linked from other blend files. You either have to put them into a group and append that group, or make an object instance of them. To add objects to a group, select objects and go into the Object panel, then add them into a group. Then, you can link the group instances in, and position them as you want.

If the problem isn’t that, then maybe your pivot point is set to the 3D cursor, which is very far away. Do you see the transformation gizmo (the red, green, and blue set of arrows or circles)?

Or did you accidentally turn on “Move object centers only” (icon looks like three dots under a left/right arrow in the 3D view menu bar)

thanks to both of you :smiley:

daren you were right x)
silly button xD