HELP!!! Cartoon Characters

I have used Poser to create models, since they have so many models to manipulate. I am NOT good at free drawing, so does blender make it easy to create characters like Poser??

Or should I just import from Poser?

you can use freestyle, which make accent lines around all the objects in the scene. so if you turn it on then turn everything else off the the render settings, then add a background image. look on youtube for how to make blueprints in blender, it does something similar that you can use.

good luck

if you want to learn how to model cartoon characters ( your own) you should use Blender!
If not, use Poser or maybe Make Human, open source and free software:

I want more cartoony people… Does Blender have characters I can import and manipulate? I tell you, I am horrible at drawing.

Blender doesn’t have prebuilt models. If you want one, you’ll have to search for some downloadable ones, or make one yourself.