HELP: change mesh color during gameplay

Hello everyone. I’m not a programmer, just an enthusiast (as many others here) but was working with blender some time ago.

I’m trying to do a game, similar to classic Bomber Man, but with improved graphics. Many things are already done, but for do it more “cool” would like to know if someone can help or explain how to change colors of a mesh during gameplay. I mean, if for example I want to change the color of my car from red to blue by clicking a button. In the video can see what I mean (sec 0.30-0.40) Thanks a lot for any help or idea.

1). In the material panels, enable the use of the ‘object color’ property.
2). Write a Python script that changes the object’s built in color property (LINK). Changing it to something other than white means that the new color will be multiplied over the color of the material, you can also use a game property to affect the coloring.

You shouldn’t need python as you can animate the object colour by hovering your mouse over it and pressing i.

Thanks for quick reply Ace. Is there another option than to use Script, or is the unique way? I don’t know how to do it using Python, maybe can suggest an example so I can modify it? The link is like a guide to, but not sure how to use it.

Ovrer and pressing I? I mean in game engine, as in video. For example change a color or cloth, like in THE SIMS, or others.