HELP..character animation geometry from maya to blender?

Hi everybody

First time using blender, very nice program

I want to import in blender 2.5 alpha2 an animated geometry, but i could not yet find a way.

I try with two ways.

1- I try with AniSculpt plugin, which works great in 2.49, but then, when i save the file, in 2.5 it does not have all the shape keys, just until frame 255, then the rest does not have any animation.
i think the issue is from 2.49, in an more than 300 frames animation bring from maya with the AniSculpt script, the shape keys sliders disappear at frame 256, the actual animation is still there, but the shape keys sliders dont.

So, when open the file in 2.5, the shape keys that do not have sliders are not having any animation at all…so if in 2.49 all the animation could have shape keys sliders i suppose that it will open fine in 2.5.
Are there any limitation number for the shape keys sliders in 2.49…?

2-If i try to export the character animation in maya with the MDD format, blender 2.5 do not read it, in fact it ruins the mesh or it can not open it. So it is not an option for now.
I can not use 2.49 because i`m using a plugin in 2.5 that is very important in my workflow.

I also try the latest builds from but the result is the same.

Anyways, how can i import animated geometry from maya in blender 2.5 alpha 2.?

Best Regards

I don’t think it can be done yet (ever?). Just work in Maya. I mean why would you want to use Blender if Maya is available?