HELP!! Check your file permissions 2 make sure u can write files

I don´t know if this is a common troubleshooting issue or if it is just me.
But this is what happens:
When I try to run SHAPE KEY TRANSFER script, blender doesn´t capture any points, and I get the following error:

“Event number 8:
Check your file permissions to make sure you can write files”

I don´t seem to get past this problem. If you know how to solve it or where to post this I´d appreciate it very much!
Thnx a lot!

You running Vista or Windows 7? Sounds to me like you need to run Blender as administrator if you are. That’s my initial guess.

well, either it’s writing to application data or tmp.
you shouldn’t have any permission problems writing to tmp.

try modifying the script so it writes in a different directory? (like Documents)