Help! Child objects disappear...

I am fairly new to Blender, and am working on an animation. I was trying to set an empty object as parent to multiple objects. However, as soon as I hit ctrl-P and set the object, 6 linked child objects disappeared.

The disappeared objects are children to two other empty object parents, but those parent objects and the rest of the selected objects become children of the new empty object without disappearing.

The disappeared children show in the outliner panel, but not in the 3D image viewer, and they are not hidden. In the outliner panel, their object and texture icons (the wee checkerboard for texture, the sphere, and the triangle) have a glow around them.

Does anyone know why they’ve disappeared and how to set these objects to be children of the empty object without them disappearing again? I assume it has to do with their parent objects becoming children of a new object?

Set your 3D cursor to where you want a child object to be, select the child object, then press Shift+S and choose “selected to cursor.” (You can set the 3D cursor by clicking with the LMB or press Shift+C to set it to the very center of the scene.) That will at least let you see your displaced objects; then you can move them where you want 'em.

That’s kind of a painful way to do things however. It may be that in setting one parent, you’re abandoning another. (If your objects were already children, i.e.) When that happens, whatever transformations (scale, rotation, location) that the former parent was influencing the children with are removed. In brief, this means that the child is instantly moved/rotated/scaled to where it would have been had the parent never existed, and [afterwards] instantly made a child of the other parent.

To see if this is the problem, try selecting all your objects BEFORE parenting them to the new parent object. Press Alt+P and choose “clear parent and keep transformation”, and THEN set your new parenting hierarchy. Should work this time…

Hopefully this helps!

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Thanks, benu!

Clearing parenting and keeping transformation kept them from disappearing when adding the higher parent. I was able to reparent them to their original parents and then to the higher parent.
Much appreciated!

thank you Benu this way really helped mcuh