Help Choosing/Building A New Workstation.

Good evening. I’m relatively new to Blender and just getting back into 3D computer graphics software in general. I used to do stuff in Maya and 3DS Max back in high school however due to various reasons had stopped working in them.

I had a low level workstation as a gift from then that was running blender just fine, however water was left on in the apartment upstairs and it all rained onto my office space frying almost everything.

I’m seeking recommendations on entry level workstations and/or advice on parts for building my own. It will be used for light projects right now as I learn, but I do intend to eventually work my way to full productions and possibly even learning to use Maya so if its not fully stocked already it will need room to grow and be upgraded as I go.

Not only do I need recommendations, but I also want to know why it’s recommended. I’ve realized after this incident that I don’t know nearly enough about my hardware and would like to educate myself a little more on hardware and how it relates to 3D software.

Also I’m new to the forums so if this wasn’t the right spot for this kind of help I apologize.

Thanks in advance,

Edit: Budget would ideally be around 2000$.

It depends on our budget, one example from Asus with i5/i7 and suitable Nvidia GTX GPU for Cycles GPU rendering.

Blender work good on a office PC plus a good GPU > then GTX 650.

CHeers, mib.

Oops. Yeah budget might help. Edited original post.