Help coding a new minor feature

Hi everyone !

Let me explain this project…

A while ago, I started to learn python as a mean to enter the realm of programming. My goal was to have an introduction to programming so that I could later switch to C and finally contribute to the development of Blender in some other way than scripting (done 2 or 3 scripts), writing the Wiki (done a small tutorial there) or donating (which my banker probably wouldn’t allow any more !)

In recent times I have extended my modest programming skills by designing a website, which confronted me to XHTML, CSS, PHP.
I also bought/downloaded some learning material for C and followed some introductions and tutorials.

I find it is time to tackle something interesting.

So I thought i could code some new minor feature in Blender. Please have a look at the following PDF to see what this minor function would be.

What i am actually searching is a kind of “coder-godfather”, some kind of mentor who would point me to the right directions in the jungle that is the source code.
I am not afraid to tackle C for itself. I mean, arrays, pointers,casts,void… i have a good reference book if i need precision about them.
However, finding what does what in the source code when you are not used to it is a bit hard.
Maybe some experienced coder (especially in the transform/mesh-editing fields) is interested in that kind of partnership ?

Time plan

I plan the whole thing to last for a while… I am quite commited to learning programming but my 2 children and my job(s) make my schedule a very cahotic one: one week I can spend 25 hours on Blender and the next 2 weeks are fully booked.
I suggest a period of 2 to 3 months (I am not kidding: Ton, Campbell, Martin and the other Gurus could probably code it in under an hour, but, hey, I am starting).

What I expect of my “godfather”
To explain where I can find something if I can’t find my way in the source.
To explain the role of certain items in the code (like some obscure flags etc…)
Some support about practical issues (i mean with the mechanics of C)


Very few, except the possible satisfaction to have helped someone fulfilling a small dream.

There we are. Tell me what you think ! (About the feature itself as well !)

hello! I see the feature as a complement of work! but is a great idea to simplify some process, i would like to be updated over your process, because I’m learning c/c++ as my first language!


Mhhhmmm… so no-one interested in this partnership ?

I am a little bit disappointed: I thought more people would tell me what they thought of both the feature and the way to learn by coding with someone else…

about coding and blender internals, I think you’ll be interested by this french community :