Help coin box of a wallet!

Hello, good morning everyone.

I am making a wallet for cards and purses (see image above)

I would like to ask a question, in which I would be very grateful if you could answer me please:

  • How do I make a purse in Blender similar to the one in the image below)? What steps do I have to take? Suggestions? Please, give me if possible the easy way.

I would greatly appreciate your response as soon as possible.

I take this opportunity to wish you a happy and holy Easter

Best regards

José Moreira

Some “short-cuts”:

Avoid detail early in the modeling process… “blocking-out” first makes doing detail easier later on.

When blocking-out the model, use non-destructive modeling where you can.
e.g. Make the wallet from subdivided planes that have a solidify modifier on.

The stitches can be faked on the material with normal-maps (otherwise you need to use an array modifier combined with a follow-curve modifier, so no real “short-cut”).

Needs hard-surface modeling knowledge, and texturing knowledge (UV-unwrapping, etc.). Search for tutorials on those subjects to make things easier.

Good luck.

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