(Help!)Colt 1911(HELP!)

I am having trouble modeling this part of the gun and Edge loops aren’ t going to cut it, what are the alternatives to model this part?




Thanks for helping



You need to start over from scratch. Sorry to be arsh but you can’t make a gun with a non perfectly round barrel :-/

The part you modeled need to be splited in 2 parts, as the upper one is moving backward while shooting.
Watch videos to check how it works if you’re confused about how it works.
But understanding how it works helps to model, not only guns moreover…

I prepared a few steps pics to try to explain how you need to start :

In fact, you need to start from a cylinder to make your barrel.
Then, you can duplicate a part of the circle shape of the barrel and extrude to give the front part a relief.

I’m sorry if I don’t explain well, it’s quite hard to explain lol.

An important point is to work with a picture in background of your viewport.

At the same time, when you post your next pics, please attach your wire view as we can give tips and advices about your topology.

Good luck, it’s an interesting subject.

The entire slide is all one piece, as seen here


Your slide is a little to round. The sides are flat while the top is rounded.

you should check out this video: Colt 1911 he shows you the gun in many angles, may help.

Thanks for all the help, when I was laying in my bed just after I posted I remembered that I forgot to post a wire frame, . I’ll be posting an update as soon as my ice cream dethaws.

The entire slide is all one piece, as seen here

Lol, I was lazzy to model the entire piece :stuck_out_tongue:

Updates, I need some hardcore critism. I would also like you thank you guys once again for helping me.


Hi, better start.
For guns and hard surface modeling in general, you don’t neet to subsurf your models usually.
You’re unsmoothed version is better.
Because you don’t need to smooth your model, you don’t need the additionnal edge loops neither.
Remove them now to lighten your mesh.

General point :

Don’t hesitate to model at the sacle of your ref pic, easier :smiley:

You had few questions, let’s start :
The circle ducplication.
You did well but you didn’t need to create a loop cut for this purpose, you could also use the end of your cylinder for example. So you can delete your edge loop (ALT+RIGHT CLICK on a edge forming the edge loop, then X -> edge loop).
To make it a U shape, you have many ways but here is one quite simple.

  • Snap your 3D cursor to the extreme out point of the circle shape
  • Select the vertices below that will become the U shape
  • Activate the 3D cursor as transform orientation
  • Scale on the axis to 0, you made your U.

Tip : At the beginning, before starting the ejecting output hole on the right side (don’t know the english name sry) you can model the top part in a mirror way, you don’t bother to model everything twice :wink:
All the body of the gun may be modeled in a mirror modifier, unless it’s not symetrical.

About how to make your junction, you didn’t apply the best method, but can be corrected now.
I need to see better the mesh, could you send your blend file? I’ll make screen shots to explain how to correct.

I forgot to save so I just restarted:D Anyways I seem to be encountering difficulties but let the images speak for themselves as I communicate better visually to people and learn better visually from people. By the way how do I upload my .blend files( yea I know I am new to Blender ) Thanks for helping this forum is definetly resourceful!


To explain better, here is a tiny video to explain the 3D snaping cursor technic to make the U shape.

To upload blend files, go in advance mode and you’ll find a manage attachment button :slight_smile:

You might need some good refs, here’s a good Colt 1911 gallery: http://www.pixagogo.com/3883404150
There’s also the updated Colt Redux gallery here: http://www.pixagogo.com/5749394543
Check out these to get the shape correctly.
I’ll check in later to see how you’re doing, until then, good luck :D.

I got that slope :smiley: Thank you simonced for the video and for everything hopefully I can one day repay my debt back to you;) Oh and sorry for the big pictures my monitor is 24" widescreen thats why my pictures are so hi-res.



.Blend file:


hello.blend (161 KB)

Progress has been slow for me… the bottom part has taken me ages to figure out. If someone can spot any errors before it’s too late I would greatly appreciate it.


hello.blend (148 KB)

Hey! Nice.
You passed the beginning really well :smiley:
To get a technical point of view, you need to post a wire view and maybe a 3d view too :slight_smile:
Good job as far as we can see :wink:

I really need help again with the handel groove. I’ ve been stuck on this thing for weeks with little progress; I picked up a book, Blender 3D 2.49 Incredible Machines, to hopefully ease up on these difficulties. Any help is greatly appreciated.

High Res: