Help combining uvmap to textrues in Cycles

I am still trying to get my head around cycles and am copying afew node set-ups here and there.
I am trying to do some semi realistic skin and found this great node setup with different shaders and a skin texture which Im also using as a bump map. It gives me a result I’m happy with although I would like to add a UV image into this set-up to specifically colour certain parts of the face ie lips, cheeks etc. I have tried combining the image with a mix shader but cant seem to find the correct place to put it, the uv image doesn’t display.
The mesh has been unwrapped and the UVmap coloured and displays no problem as the only material, but not when I try and add it to this set up (two top left nodes)
Could anyone pick what I am doing wrong here and maybe help me with the correct node layout?


I cannot see anything wrong with the node setup
Looking at the rendered part of the screen shot, the area round the eyes and under the nose looks more red
Maybe the effect is just too subtle to see?
After the mix node there are many other effects that mix into the texture, the first of which has a 0.15 bias against the image textures
Why not upload your blend file {with the textures packed}?

Best of luck


Hi Martin, thanks for your help, I think I have worked it out, for some reason the order of the shader ports makes all the difference here - still have a lot of learning to do! :slight_smile: