Help Compiling Blender with Cygwin

I started by first attempt at building Blender with Cygwin. I used the tutorial by Hos and I got up to the part of actually compiling the code. I made the file with the line ‘export FREE_WINDOWS=true’. Then I entered the command in Cygwin, echo ‘export FREE_WINDOWS=true’ >

FInally I entered the command “make”.

I got this message-

$ make
====> make all in blender/dlltool
Makefile:1: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `’. Stop.
make: *** [all] Error 1

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help folks.

How do I make a file called “”?

Also can I follow this same compling tutorial by hos to complie Tuhopuu?
How can I Checkout the Tuhopuu module from the Tuhopuu tree and the the lib/windows module?

Blend on!


I’m a newbie at this as well but I actually did this myself for the first time using Cygwin the other night. I have successfully built the 2.34 from the cvs, and tuhopuu2 (using cvs) following the instructions at Make sure you have all the packages he suggests installed. Both a running fine in windows.
The only difference (if I remember right) was to replace
‘cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/bf-blender co blender’ with ‘cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/tuhopuu co tuhopuu2’
(in the next step I think you still get the lib using bf-blender co lib/windows, as I don’t think the is one at the tuhopuu project)
Hope this helps.

Cheers and good luck.

Thanks xymox12, I’ll try this out.

Bash doesn’t work now. Arghhhhhhh!

I’m getting this when I type mkdir bf-blender-

bash-2.05b$ mkdir bf-blender
bash: mkdir: command not found

I’m trying to fix this with who knows what process. Reinstall , reboot who knows. Do you have any ideas?

think that I had some password network installed before. What can do, set Cygwin to install everything? Arghhhhhhhh!!! Is it the buggy Cygwin file server system?

I have borland, will that work better than Cygwin? I started working with Cygwin because it was said to the best free option for compiling in Windows.

At first I’m like Ahhhhhhhh. Then I’m like huhhhhhhhhh? And later I’m like, oh man, what’s up with this stuff?

Thanks for your tips.

hmm… question: cygwin is a shell emulator… can you actually compile windows-specific code in it? (sorry, I don’t really know how it works)

You use Cygwin to download and install packages like gcc among others.

This one has been a real braintwister as there seems to be more than one way to wip out a build with Cygwin. I wish that the process was clearer.

Hi - I have no problem with mkdir at all - don’t know if it makes a diff. but am running cygwin on a ntfs partition in windows 2000.
I wonder if it has something to do with your cygwin.bat file in your cygwin installation directory not pointing to the appropriate bin folder - mine looks like

@echo off


SET HOME=D:\Cygwin\home\Xymox12
SET PATH=D:\Cygwin\bin;D:\Cygwin\lib\mingw;D:\Cygwin\usr\local\bin;D:\Cygwin\opt\gnome\bin;D:\Cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin;;D:\Cygwin\usr\lib\python2.3:%PATH%
chdir D:\Cygwin\bin

bash --login -i

And yes you can compile windows programmes from the source using cygwin - as I said I can compile blender.

Well I got BF Blender to compile and it renders faster than any Blender build that I have downloaded from the web on my machine. Thanks xymox12 for your help. I am still having trouble with building Tuhopuu. Do you have any more tips on building Tuhopuu with Cygwin? The tip that you gave me for checking out the Tuhopuu module from the bf-blender tree using the cvs package won’t work for me.

I searched the forums and I have not found any tips for building Tuhopuu with Cygwin.

Nice to here I’m not alone - beginning to think I had been dreaming about building blender 2.34. :smiley:
Just repeating tuhopuu again - (Remember don’t type the "s) - just

  1. “mkdir tuhopuu”,
  2. “cd tuhopuu”, then
  3. “cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/tuhopuu co tuhopuu2”.
    It downloads tuhopuu2 cvs.
    Then type
  4. “cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/bf-blender co lib/windows”
  • it will download the lib folder (which should be beside the tuhopuu2 folder) and when it finishes I
  1. “cd tuhopuu2” to enter the new tuhopuu2 folder then type the
  2. “echo ‘export FREE_WINDOWS=true’ >” statement.
    After which I type
  3. “make” - takes a while
  4. “make release” - I then look for the zip containing tuhopuu2 and extract it to run it.

I’m repeating this just now to make sure it works - I’m at stage 7 but everything is running fine at the moment…

When are you getting problems in your install JA.

It just finished building and everythings working 8)

I got some help and whoa yeah I got a Tuhopuu2 build now also. My main motivation for building Tuhopuu2 was to have the Crease tool as another fine addition to my Tuhopuu2 modeling experience. Ahhhhhh. I can rest now and with the sweet knowledge that I can get my hands on the sources and get the latest of the latest Blender builds any time I want to.

That’s what I’m talkin’ bout.

Blend on!

xymox12, I think that this now means that we are officially genuine open source software users. We built our Blender software from the sources. And some other app users wonder why we stick to open source software. Hehehehe.

It’s on!

Have fun!