help ! compiling to exe? & some thing urgent.

hi, I have completed my game and is now going to compile it to an exe. I do not really know how as the tutorials I read did not teach me how. So I guess it is the runtime & the dynamic run time.

I tried to save my blend file under them but it does not work for me.

saving under dynaic runtime, I click on the file & it say python24.dll not found, I went on to to download python 2.4.2 the message dissapeared but a new message appear saying sdl.dll is not found.

when I save under runtime, I click on the file & it say it is not valid win32. when I tried to delete them, it always say that it is in use even after I closed blender.

You can find the missing dll’s in the directory where Blender is installed. Just copy them into the directory with your .exe

thanks now the game could work after I save it after run time but I noticed all the white spots in my model are gone !

There are a very important part of my model for that game.

I had no idea about their disapearance. I did see those spots perfectly when I play it in blender with the p key with use blender material option on.

how did you create the white spots?

other wise bang your head on something, it helps me see spots

well those white spots are created by using those materials… material 1 is the skin of the box. material 2 colour are for the spots in the model where I applied them to specific faces. when I run it in blender, I need to enable the use blender material option in order for me to see the spots.

I would like to see if i can do that for the exe file too.

Steps for creating a stand alone game from Blender:

  1. Save your file (File - Save)
  2. Pack your associated textures and data (File - Pack Data)
  3. Save your file again (File - Save)
  4. Save your stand alone game (File - Save Runtime)
  5. Include 3 files when distributing:
    – your game (mygame.exe)
    – python2*.dll
    – SDL.dll

That should do it.

FYI, this is one of the most commonly asked questions on this forum. A quick use of the search function would have lead to you dozens of past posts that would have answered your question.

laurens had already answered my question about exe. Now is about the 2nd part. the missing white spots in the exe file of my model.

During the time in blender when I press the p button, it is only with the option called use blender material On for me to be able to see the white spots( with that option off, the white spots went missing too )
. but when I compile it to an exe. they doesn’t seem to leave that option on too. So any way, I ask again to get those white spots back?


If your models are missing their textures (I’m guessing that’s what’s going on, your discription is pretty vague), that usually means that you didn’t “pack” your project before saving it. That’s why I explained the entire process, step by step.

thanks for your reply but unfortunately, I did pack it. I shall give a more detailed explanation later.

here is the picture. As I said when I test it in blender by pressing the button p with the use blender material option on. There are no problems. but then…

Don’t use blender materials, instead put in some effort and make a few textures.

By “white spots” do you mean the white “highlights” on the shiney surface?

i would say the white spots are just like the white colour material being applied to certain faces of the model while the rest of the model is applied with the colour black.


sorry for the triple post.

I solved it finally

by creating a shortcut to my exe and add the following in

-g blender_material = 1

A long scroll through the blender game engine documentation.

thanks for all your previous help. sorry to trouble you people. =)

i did that 5 step process but it says win32 not apliable or something like that lol.