help compositing

for a project im doing soon, i will be in charge of compositing. i have a windows xp computer, and am wondering what (free) software i can use to do this.
i was looking at media illusion, a discontinued product from softimage (
but i dont know if it works for windows.
i would like ideas, etc for what to use for
-matte painting
-blue screen effects

Hmm… Sounds like yer in a pickle. I use Adobe After Effects myself. Perhaps you could d/l the time limited demo from Adobe? Hope your a fast learner.
Don’t know about any other free-bees. You could try the Adobe AE forums.

It only takes a day or so to learn adobe products. :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong here but isn’t it kind of strange to sign up for project shen you (apparently) know nothing about the intended application of your role?

BTW- the forum for asking questions like this one is Other Software

haha dittohead, dont worry. we’re all noobs, and the point of the project is to learn our respective tasks

Understood. I did that once, still doing it actualy, lol (exodus anyone…not yet!).

Everyone does at some point…

Billy Gates licensed an operating system to IBM before he had one.

Axogon Composer is a free film editing program, but I think it’s been discontinued :frowning: . It transformed into a new commercial product, but if you hunt for the old version you might be able to download it somewhere…

Since this is already a bit off topic… Hasn’t the Exodus project been in the works for a couple of years now? It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a clip from that project.

And for that kind of work if you haven’t got much of a budget you could try getting a copy of Photoshop LE v5.0 Should let you do most of the work you’ll need to. The only downside to this is that there is only one level of undo. I wish I had a mac though because all of the Adobe products I can get here for less than $100CND at a second hand store.

Anyways someone should probably move this to its rightfull home in Other Software.

if you need any help compositing, jsut gimmie a shout, got a fully liscensed Premiere, after fx, photoshop CS, media studio pro, etc.

There seems to be no good free compositing application - I had the same problem lately and had a look at Jahshaka ( but it seems to be in a very early stage of development :frowning:

Chromanator ( seems to be OK for standard compositing. You have to get used to the workflow (but hey, that should be no problem for a Blenderhead :P) but it works fine - and only costs 75 EUR. A problem is that there is no frame by frame export - only complete sequences - but you can save them as uncompressed AVI and chop them in another application. And they say that this will be changed in future versions.



Grrrr :< I tried to download jashaka but there’s only scource and binarys no compiled versions and I have no Idea on how to go about compiling them :x

…huh? Binaries ARE compiled versions, or did I miss something? :wink:

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(smileys say all)

thanks everyone for the help. nayman, thanks for the offer. im gonna try to do this myself, but its good to know ive got options. still havent found the perfect program, ideas are still appreciated , kinda like a free photoshop. I haven’t really used it myself, but I am told it is good.

yeah, i use gimp. only i dont thing gimp is good for compositing unless you want to do everything frame by frame

Simple video compositing can be done with Blender’s own Sequence Editor. Ordinary compositing can be done using Gimp or Photoshop or just about any other image-editing program which understands the idea of “layers.”

is it possible to use one of those image editors to edit a video, not a sequence of images?

Try cinepaint