help compositing

someone got pissed at me for posting this is Blender General, so i’ll post it here:
for a project im doing soon, i will be in charge of compositing. i have a windows xp computer, and am wondering what (free) software i can use to do this.
i was looking at media illusion, a discontinued product from softimage (
but i dont know if it works for windows.
i would like ideas, etc for what to use for
-matte painting
-blue screen effects
i really dont have enough money for Adobe After Effects, but i would appreciate other suggestions.

You want to go to


… or take a look at the links-section on my site (link in my sig below) 8)

Simple compositing can, of course, be done in Blender’s own Sequence Editor with the AlphaOver (etc…) filters.

Axogon is a free video editor that is not too bad. It can do bluescreening and various other effects, like lightsabres. There is a link for it on the Blenderwars site. Also, you do not have to actually buy the Adobe products to use them. They have a thirty-day trial in which you can use them with no restrictions.

I heard you can send [>] files [!] like “pictures you make” to many ppl over kazaa and limewire :wink:


oh…got it