HELP - Computer restart while rendering

My computer likes to restart when he has a big render to do. Big means here, yafray, “full” option with photons and cache options selected (rendering refractions), OSA, Dimensions:640 - 480 at 50% (that’s not big). When rendering a tiny picture (25%) no OSA etc. it keeps alive.

After some minutes (10 -30) my computer repeat it’s actions for a sec
(ie. repeating a short music sample) and restart automaticly.

I have windows XP prof. Processor: AMD Atlon™ XP 1800+
1.53 GHz, 512MB RAM

Run the virus scan today, but found nothing important.

Any sugestions, why it restart, or how to fix?
last note, my computer does sometimes (rarely) the same while not blendering. Playing quake or age of empires II.

That’s a problem with your OS, not with Blender. Try upgrading to Linux :slight_smile:

Yes I was expecting that answer… :<
Somebody who know something more??


if you have an intel video card:
upgrade to newest drivers
run at 16 bit color

does yafray have render in dispwin/dispview options like blendeR? if so, change to dispview, i have the same problem in blender, when rendering like 1600x1200, blender just crashes

Since it happens only whwn doing heavy scenes, it might be a hardware problem (RAM or motherboard).

YEEEEEEEE!!! iv’e just cleaned my computer :smiley: Loads of dust removed from the fans and cards and tested with a “previous-deathly” render AND it didn’t crash :smiley: (that screensaver was scary…) It seems like overheating was the problem. Hope the problem keeps away now…
still thanks for the help :smiley:

check your ram anyway

I will 2nd that ram/motherboard tip.