Help! Concentric / Radial Prodedural textures?


I’m looking to reproduce an effect I did in Bryce a few years ago:

This is a preset procedural texture of grid lines and beveled squares. It’s wrapped around a flattened sphere with alpha transparency. Significantly, it’s wrapped using a cylindrical mapping mode, and this is what turns a very perpendicular grid-like texture into concentric/radial rings of light and dark. (It’s also why there’s a seam in the foreground, but that’s curable.)

Movement is a simple offset in the vertical axis, pulling the now circular matrix over a curved surface, creating the radial spread.

Is there a way to create this kind of procedural patterning like this in Blender? I’m after a way to create a perpetual, radial spreading technique using procedurals. The precise pattern isn’t the goal: just a way to reproduce this irregular circular grid effect on any texture.


:: sigh :: OK, no help. Fair enough.

It took a while (and a lot of tweaking) but I managed to get a radial/concentric texture on the big transparent platform rising from the ground in this test video (only 360p):

Basically I created a square grid of thick and thin lines with random squares in Photoshop and textured this hexagonal disc. (This was not a UV Map - just a big square image.) Using the Sphere mapping mode in the Object space you get concentric circles. Using the Tube mapping mode in the Object space you get this ‘spiderweb’ pattern.

Radial texture animation was easy: offset in the Y texture value produces either an enlarging or contracting pattern, depending on whether you’re looking from above or below… so long as the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ of the disc aren’t flat horizontal.