Help concerning joining meshes (not grouping/parenting thread)

Greetings everyone.

Here’s a question that I have. This problem has been following me around since I first started using Blender and I just could get out of it by rendering the image from one angle and fine tuning meshes, but I’ve decided to see if there is other, better solution.

So, I’ve started doing Minion from Despicable Me. This is top view and you can see eyes and starting goggle shape.

It is quite obvious to me that eyes should be set in the head, along with goggles following the fine line around the head when the strap is on. Now, whenever I try to fine tune the position, I always get a certain portion of mesh ‘eaten up’ by another one.

My question is - is there a command or a way to fine bend/weld meshes to follow some shape and get in a way sewed on it without shape distortion? I hope I’ve made myself clear, if not, I’ll come back to clarify some more.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

My solution might not be the best,but since no one responded I figured I’d give it a try.

Or for short,use knife project on the goggles and the head and bridge to connect the stuff.
Hope I helped.

Check out the Shrinkwrap modifier. It will Deform one Mesh to the Surface of another.