Help connecting the end of a pipe to screw modifier

Hello everyone. I’m having some trouble with a model I’m working on. I’m very much a novice at this and have been tinkering around with the issue for a couple of hours now to no avail. I’m trying to close the gap between the end of a screw modifier and a piece of curved piping. I’ve tried to scale and extrude the end of the pipe into the open end of the screw but it’s leaving some pin hole gaps in certain spots and would prefer to merge the two ends. Attached is a screenshot for a better idea. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Convert to a mesh then select the vertices of both ends and bridge them (Ctrl+E / Bridge Edge Loops)
See the toolshelf or F6 for the bridge options

If curves then then apply any modifiers and join the curves. You can then filling the curve gap by connecting each end of the curve (F)

Thanks. I had actually figured it out before this thread went live but couldn’t find it anywhere to delete it. Mods can remove if they wish.