Help - convert animation after having edited the bones

hi folks,

i was wondering if there’s some possibilities to retrieve an animation after having rotated the bones in edit mode. Of course, now, my character is completely twisted when moving. Also, if i change the default mode, this will also affect the animation. How can i convert ?

thx !!

P.S : Why i rotated the bones ? Because i wanted them all to be same orientated in the world space : Z axis towards the sky) rather than having the Y axis going along the limb direction

when i look in the “3D View” menu , one can change the “Transformation orientation” mode to change the view on the axis.

In my new armature, the “Local” mode gives exactely the same axis than the “Global” mode. Knowing that, it’s possible to hack something somewhere ? Like in f-curves ?

i tried the “Transformation” bone constraint but the relation is constant. So, unfit for trigonometry