Help Converting Inkscape SVG Logo To Blender 3D

Hello, I am an absolute Blender Newbie so any help you can give me will be appreciated. I also am hoping I am asking in the right place for help. If not, please direct me to the correct place :-}.

I am trying to take a logo created in Inkscape and import it into Blender so that I can create a video intro to be placed at the beginning and end of various webcast videos being produced.

I have been trying for the last two weeks to figure it out. I have watched tutorial videos, learned the Blender interface a little and can’t figure it out at all. I am not sure I even know the right question(s) to ask. I have tried to learn and understand typology, but I can’t figure out how to do I what I want to do.

Here is what I am trying to do:
I have a logo that, when converted to a mesh, is made up of looooong triangles. I am trying to convert the mesh into quads. I have tried to solve this multiple ways: dissolve vertices, dissolve edges to name two off the top of my head of all the different things I have tried.

So, my questions are:
#1 How do I get rid of the triangles and convert the typology to a quad mesh?
#2 (related to #!) How do I create a quad mesh for the logo?
#3 How do I retain the ‘fine’ definition of the curves (so they look rounded and not blocky)? I would like the edges to be ‘tight’, i.e., the edges of the parts of the logo on the inside need to be sharp (fight tightly into the adjacent pieces of the logo (no bevel, if you will)).

Here are three screenshots of what the logo looks like after it has been converted to mesh in Blender (I hope you can see the images): (NOTE: Since I am a new user the system will only allow me to add one image to my post so I am attaching #3 ONLY)
#1 - The logo imported into blender with Active Splines changed to “Resolution U: 32” for each part of the logo.
#2 - The Logo in wireframe mode before it has been converted to mesh.
#3 - The Logo in wireframe mode after being converted to mesh.

Thank you for any and all help!

I guess your svg is to complex or not clean, try delete all unnessesary elements and convert all strokes to curves.

You can try extrude your needed parts and remesh it, then delete the extrude and flatten the rest.

Thank you for your suggestions! I tried what I could.

In Inkscape everything has already been converted to paths. I believe logo is already as simplified as it can be. I also believe it is as clean as it can be when coming out of Inkscape. I tried to use the simpllfy tool in Inkscape but it deformed the shape of the logo which also defeats the purpose.

I tried to extrude the logo in Blender and it left holes in the object faces in Wireframe Mode. Two conspicuous places where a hole was left are the areas where large triangles are located, on the bottom part of the logo and in the letter “W”. When the logo is displayed in Solid Mode, then it appears to be intact.

When I try to extrude and remesh the logo (using Quad Remesh) the various parts are distorted and no longer fit together nicely. It looks awful.

Any other advice?

Try the remesh modifier “sharp”, that should preserve the edges.
If it is not working upload the svg, so we can take a look at it.

The process of extruding curves will always be a bit messy in the process and needs reworking after the curves have been converted to meshes. But to get to just quads will be a lot of work after the conversion. But if you have a clean version with triangles, quads will not really be necessary.

If you insist on quads you can try to start with a tesselated plane (however fine you need it) and intersect it with the curve to cut away what you don’t need. You might need to do a bit of fixing after that if you have some tricky results from the intersection.

But overall I might try to stick with triangles and get a clean result there.

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I have discussed this with several other people that have the same problem…
That looks like a Filled Object…When the SVG is imported it will have at least 2 layers…the Outline and the Fill…Depending on the settings that this was made from the fill can be above or below the Outline …Producing duplicate vertices here and there.

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@rigoletto I think I tried selecting the “preserve sharp” option earlier when I ran the QuadriFlow remesh and I don’t remember it making much difference. I would like to try a few of the other suggestions. If I can’t figure it out how to do it then I will upload the svg to see if you or others can help. Thank you very much for offering to look at the svg. It is much appreciated :-}!

@AndreasResch When I have some time I’d like to try your suggestion, but I have absolutely no idea what a tesselated plane is nor do I have any clue as to how to use it to intersect with the curve and cut away. Do you have any tutorials or something that would explain what a tesselated plane is and what the process would be to intersect it with the curve and cut away what is not needed?

@RSEhlers Thank you for your suggestion. It was indeed a filled object, but it did NOT have any strokes. So, I went and turned on the strokes and turned off the fill and imported it into Blender. When I imported it into Blender and extruded it I received a nice quad typology for the sides. When I went to add a top face (I think I tried to fill the face after selecting the top edge loop) it created a top face filled with triangles. When I then ran the QuadriFlow remesh it turned out okay, not as many artifacts as before. Is there a better/proper way to add a face?

Do you need the logo just as a solid for rendering or do you have to deform it in an animation. For a solid version of the logo, triangles should not be an issue.

Bu what you can do is to convert the extruded logo into a mesh and delete the front and back faces. If there is a bevel, you should keep it. Something like this.

Then you can add some edge loops in side that have none or too few of them. After that select the coplanar border loops and hit ALT+F to fill them. You will have triangles then, but it should be fine. It will look something like this.

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At the moment I am simply rendering the logo with a spot light across its face, but I would like to try to do something more with it. I was hoping to do some sort of animation with it, something like what is described in the YouTube tutorial: Animate text in Blender (by 3DSchool): Or something where the logo falls apart or comes together like what is described in the YouTube tutorial: Blender 2.81 - Simple Text Animation In Eevee (by Blender Tutorial):

Thank you for your instructions! I will try it and see what happens :-].

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