Help CoolcamGames develop our first person shooter game!

Hello, this is the owner of CoolcamGames productions. I am requesting people to work on my first person shooter game.
I already have the Mouse Look and the m16 gun model done. i need:
Map-Makers, Character-Makers/programmers, Car-Modelers/programmers, Gun-Modelers/programmers, and animators.
if you are any of the above things, please comment on this and give me your skype or email. if you are interested, i will send you a message of what we will be doing and how we will do it.

Im not trying to discourage or disrespect you in any way, but every day this forum sees posts like this, with an idea for a large game, but little to no experience in game development. I would recommend making some practice games first to get more familiar with the game engine. When trying to recruit a team, it’s a good idea to post images of what you already have, or atleast give us a concept of what the game is about. I wish you luck.

I used to make posts like this, not that long ago really. But I have found that normally, It is a better idea just to help other people, rather than asking people to help you.

P.S. I am not necessarily discouraging this, but I would agree that you should start small. A lesson learned the hard way for me…

I agree on the image-info thing. It is important to give some background for the game you have in mind because people that make games for fun tend to be very specific in the kind of game they would like to make.
For example, you may find someone willing to participate if your FPS is a sci-fi one and not if your FPS takes place in some modern war (or vice-versa), or people may like the idea of shooting zombies but not robots.