Help: Copy and Paste Textures

Hey Guys! So made an apartment in Blender with furniture and all. Now, I want to take the couch I made from the apartment and use it in a different Blender file for a house I am designing.

So I copy and paste the couch mesh into the other blender file, which works okay, but the texture/material never shows??
It says it has the texture, but when I render it, it but shows the basic all grey color. Also when I put it in texture view mode…Its just all bright pink color.

I tried to reload the texture to the couch in the house blender file, but when I do, it just shows the original texture. without the changes I made to the texture in the apartment file (like making the texture glossy, etc) … sorry, does that make sense??

Anyway, can I copy and paste the texture/material as well as the mesh into a new blender file?

Thank you!

Pink colour means it can’t find the texture.
Did you try packing the texture in the blend file.
Delete then re-add the texture to its material
Did you append the object and/or material from one blend to another ?

Supply more info and appropriate blend files