help::crash when i click right mouse button on 3dwindow


i’m using blender since first version for win without any compatibility troubles over 4 different computers. Nowi have bought a laptop (with a similar config that another used here by an user with no problems) and i can’t blend anymore because blender (2.31 and 2.25 i’ve tested) crashes when i push the right mouse button over any 3d window… any idea?

it crash with a windows error and closes blender.

any idea or guide would be usefull

thanx in advance


I’m 100% sure this is a graphics card issue. Try different graphics driver versions (different = newer OR older). If all doesn’t help, upgrade your OS to linux.


In fact this guy is using the same hardware with no problems

i think it’s something related to the windows xp-home or the power now tech from amd.

when i disable all hardware acceleration thetrouble get’ solved. I’m downloading all the oldest drivers, maybe i could have some luck with one of them.


uh oh, badluck, past driversdon’t solve the trouble

any ideas?