Help! creases in model

In every model I’ve tried so far i always get these weird lines in flat parts of the model when i set smooth. I’ve tried fixing the normals with ctrl+n and i’ve tried seeing if there are doubles that shouldnt be there and every time it doesnt fix it. Heres and example of whats happening.

As you can see there are lines where there shouldnt be and you can see the square in the middle where everything was started from. Any suggestions? thanks in advance.

That usually happens to me when it’s too low-poly. Could you give a wire-mesh pic?

well i closed out of blender already but i tried to give you a basic idea of what i did with this pic don’t know if it’ll help or not

In my own experience with blender (which is very poor compared to many people here), it doesn’t smooth properly if there are a bunch of lines all coming from one vertex. Try making a new face setup and see if it works.

kk I’ll try that next time I fire up blender…thanks !

Bigfoot is right. Just try to add some loops around the object and keep away from those cornered contour lines. Those are bad news! Those facets are the result of too many poly’s joined at one point or section. Try to keep the mesh of your model a bit more clean and slick. Hard to explain but see if you can model the object so it looks like one of those contour maps of a mountain. Uhm,… hope that helps.

You’re probably best off making horizontal edges across your guiter to create faces between the left and the right.

EdgeSplit might help you too.