Help create a python cheat sheet

Hey everyone. I am trying to build a huge Python cheat sheet of all the basic/most used commands in the Python programming language. Here is the link if you would like to contribute:

Please no trolling or spamming.

Good idea, but you didn’t allow editing, so you don’t need to be afraid of spamming.

I wanted to edit your definition of input(), because it returns a string, not integer. You’d have to explicitly cast it as int(input("Enter a number))
And it is perhaps not most used in BPy code as the user would have to write in console.

Thank you, now it should work, sorry, its been one of those days :confused:

Also one I collaborated on a while back.

And Alan, is it supposed to be for python 2 or python 3?
I was about to change your usage of print(), but then realized it might be intentionally like that. If it is really supposed to be python2, what is the connection to blender?