Help creating 007 Bootle

Hello, i´m new in the community. I would like to know workflows to do complex shapes (for me) working with esferes, clinders… Thanks-Gracias.

these might help

happy bl

Thankyou dparish2, but the problem is not how to make the bottle, is how to make the engraved forms arround it.

Yeah those shapes are easy. The cola bottle is a bit more advance but also kinda doable, not that hard. THe model in my post is something different though.

If you are talking about that middle inset portion then you can just start with that section. Then from there you can model the rest of the bottle normally. You could even go as far as modeling it all as one smooth shape then selecting all the faces that are in the center section then using the inset tool and inset it, then scale it in locking out the Z axis again.

The ridge is a bit sharp as I just did a quick bevel without inspecting the ridge depth.

I refer to make a clean curved lines.

I used, insert and extrude. Better sollutions?

it looks like it’s only printed, not 3D, but how did you do it on 3D? I would personally do it with a flat rectangle that I would carve then bend 360° with a Simple Deform modifier / Bend mode

So, to give some precisions:

  • Create a plane, in Edit mode rotate it on the X axis, subdivide it vertically, give it a Simple Deform modifier / Bend mode, add some horizontal edge loops to sculpt it like your bottle.
  • Back to Object mode, undisplay the modifier, create the spheres pattern, use the Knife Project tool to print the spheres on the plane.
  • Extrude the pattern to give a bit of depth.
  • Display the modifier, make the necessary changes to make a nice topology…

(click on the picture to see it all)

@CREA_3DLAB As @moonboots mentions it looks to me that the design is just printed on the label. However they might be in the plastic bottle as well. Without seeing an image without the label I just assumed that you were talking about the slight inset of the center section. My apologies.